Time-Sert 4010E M10 x 1.0mm Deep Hole Metric Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit. Time Sert Thread Repair Kits Made in USA. Time Sert 4010E Thread Repair Kits
The M10x1.0 kit p/n 4010E tooling works very well in holes 6″ deep or more. This tooling will repair spark plugs that are fully threaded or a half threaded plug as in the NGK spark plugs p/n CR9EHIX-9 which has a straight section between the threads and washer.

There are 2 movable collars included, the long black collar will repair full thread spark plugs which are flush to the surface and the silver collar will create a special countersink step required for the CR9EHIX-9 Honda style spark plugs.

Inserts not included order separately.
If repairing the CR9EHIX-9 style plugs use the 9mm length insert p/n 40101.
You will use the silver collar to create the countersink step as per the instruction.

M10x1.0 extended p/n 4010E INSTRUCTIONS
These instructions are specific to the 4010E only.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in


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