Spark Plug Measurement

Spark Plug Measurement

To measure correctly for the length of insert you need for your application. Measure from under the spark plug (Washer) or (middle of taper for tapered seat) to the last thread.
(Not to the end of the electrode). This will give you the correct length. TIME-SERT inserts cannot be shortened.

Below is an example on how the Time-Sert would measure for length.

If you would like to try to look up your spark plug size and length yourself please use

When you find the size Click on “Specs” Size and Reach. measures reach different from Time-Sert. measures Thread Reach from above the washer to the END of the spark plug.

Time-Sert measures Thread Reach from under the washer to the LAST thread.

EXAMPLE IF YOU GET YOUR SPARK PLUG LENGTH FROM SPARKPLUGS.COM and your plug reach is 19mm subtract 2.5mm for the washer which is 16.5mm

The insert closest to this length is 16.8mm in the M14x1.25 which is p/n 44111
M14x1.25×16.8mm is commonly used on many Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW and Mercedes vehicles.
Please check your spark plug size to verify correct length.

Time-Sert Spark Plug Reach Measurement